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Auto post from any web page to WordPress

Need to scrape the page only partially? No problem. Single-page scraper can not only import parts of the page, but will also track changes and update the imported data over time.

Auto post from any website to WordPress

Multi-page scraper is able to fetch and import data from multiple pages. Pagination is supported. The tool can also monitor updates on original pages.

Auto post Walmart products to WordPress

Automatically import from Walmart by keyword. Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price. Affiliate links get automatically set.

Auto post from Envato to WordPress

Fetch data from Envato websites like TehemForest. Search by keyword or category name or even a webmaster nickname. Links will be automatically modified into affiliate urls.

Auto post Craigslist listings to WordPress

Scraping Craiglist has never been easier. You can specify any URL and the system will scrape all the details from listings and save to your website’s database.

Auto post from CareerJet to WordPress

Import jobs from CareerJet by keyword and optionally a specific location with the option to filter by period and can filter by contract type as well.

Auto post from Instagram to WordPress

WordPress Automatic can work with Instagram efficiently. Enter any keyword, hashtag or even a concrete profile id. The plugin will fetch and save data together with comments. It can import popular posts only or from recent items.

Auto post from Pinterest to WordPress

Import Pinterest pins by keyword, board or from a
specific profile and publish them directly to your
website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin. 

Auto post from Reddit to WordPress

Import Reddits from any Reddit URL so it can import by search, specific user reddits or subreddit it can import the comments and embed videos and GIFs.

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Auto post content from Feeds.

The plugin can check your specified feeds regularly & post every new feed item as a new post.

FeedsAuto post Amazon products to WordPress.

WordPress Automatic is able to search for the required products on Amazon based on the given keywords. The plugin will post the found products and convert the urls to Amazon pages into referral links.

Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress

WordPress Automatic plugin can search ClickBank.net for products matching your specified keywords, post to your blog and add your affiliate links automatically.

Auto post YouTube videos to WordPress

WordPress Automatic can search youtube.com for videos matching your keywords and post them to your wordpress blog
* (all languages now supported)

Auto post Vimeo videos to WordPress

WordPress Automatic can search vimeo.com for videos matching your keywords and post them to your wordpress blog. You can also post from a specific user/channel.

Auto post eBay auctions to WordPress

WordPress Automatic plugin can post ebay.com auctions for keywords you specify. you can also post from a specific eBay seller by searching his items for specified keywords or even without filtering. – Supported ebay sites: US, IE, AT, AU, BE, CA, FR, IT, DE, ES, CH , UK , NL

Auto post Flickr images to WordPress

WordPress Automatic plugin can post flicker.com images for keywords you specify. it also can post from a specific flickr user by searching this user items for specified keywords or without filtering.

Auto post from Facebook to WordPress

WordPress Automatic Plugin can post from Facebook pages, Facebook open groups, closed groups or personal profiles and each new post from FB will be added as a post to WordPress automatically. where it can post full sized images shared on the page, videos and links.
NEW: it can now post from facebook personal profiles

Auto post from Twitter to WordPress

WordPress Automatic plugin can post Twitter tweets to wordpress automatically. Where it can post by search, hastag or specific user and tweets can be posted as plain text or as a twitter card.

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WordPress Automatic Plugin

Import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter utilizing their APIs or from almost any website of your choice using its scraping modules.

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